What is Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta Leather: What is And How is Made?

Vachetta Leather: Features

A material obtained using the "vegetable tanning" technique is "Vachetta" or "Vacchetta" Leather. This method of tanning is an ancient procedure that has now become a practice from which a special substance with inimitable characteristics can be obtained.

The vacchetta is a very functional product, both for its features and for the different uses that can be made of it.

The features which differentiate this material from others are:

  • Thickness: ranges from 0.9 mm minimum to 6 mm maximum;
  • The existence of various sizes ensures that for different styles of creations this content can be picked, the vacchetta can actually be produced on calves, shoulders, bellies and butts;
  • Smell: less powerful than that of other oiled skins and more subtle, always readily identifiable in any case;
  • Color: it is beige, and with the course of time has the uniqueness of darkening. It can be found in various colors, and drum-colored vacchetta leathers (such as black, red or brown) are also available.

Vacchetta Leather: How is it made?

Vacchetta is vegetable leather that is tanned and oiled.

Vegetable tanning is distinguished by the use of tannins: tanning agents that define vegetable tanning; they are primarily derived from flowers and bark of trees in nature, and their use is one of the pillars of vegetable tanning, as it provides characteristics of individuality that automatically differentiate the skin.

During the re-tanning point, in which fattening oil is applied to the leather, Vachetta takes on its famous characteristics. There are two types of fat:

  • Mineral: the sulphonated leather comes from;
  • Animal: sebum or other animal fat obtained from so-called greased or oiled leather.

Typically, the leather made with mineral fat liquor is whiter, stiffer, drier, and usually has a lower cost than greased leather.

If made from tallow, the skin to which animal fat has been added is the more conventional one that distinguishes the Classic Turkish Cowhide Vachetta, which is darker and with more character.

Different substance combinations with different color properties, tempering, reaction to rubbing and water resistance are obtained based on the applied fattening percentages.

Leather Vachetta: Implementations

Vachetta leather is a commodity used for the manufacturing of various product types: from small leather products to large accessories.

The products usually produced in the small leather goods market are: leather bracelets, sandals, key rings, paper holders and wallets.

Both of these items are items that never fall inside our bags and are able to guarantee a safe and durable resistance thanks to the cowhide leather

Vegetable-tanned vacchetta is also commonly used to manufacture all sorts of backpack shoulder belts, briefcases, record holders, pockets or totes. Finally, as a 100 percent vegetable tanned commodity, vacchetta leather decreases the risk of allergies associated with the everyday use of an item without the presence of harmful substances.

Where to buy Vachetta Leather?

Vachetta leather is a very durable material, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, and the price can be very expensive. This material is therefore used in many other industries, as well as in small leather products, such as the manufacture of uppers for handmade shoes, for example, and as leather for tools or engravings. Beautiful and unusual colors with warm tones can be obtained by processing this leather, made with tannins, which differ over time , especially when the leather is subsequently finished or hand-dyed with various substances such as waxes, anilines, dyes, fatty liqueurs or pigments.

You can find vacchetta leather ready for sale on the Kani Leather website on backs, calves and bellies at the highest price range you can find online since you will be purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?
What is Vachetta Leather?