Plonge Leather

The Softness Of The Leather

Kani Leather Tannery tanning lambskin leather is a top of the range material  that is extremely soft to the touch on plonge leather article. Kani Leather Tannery selects  the best  lambskins to be dipped into aniline baths, giving them a sensual, silky appearance. As a result, both sides of the leather are the same colour which is not altered by any other finishes. These very delicate lambskins are used by the large fashion houses to make luxury leather clothes and  leather gloves. Plonge leather colored by immersion.Only the most beautiful lambskin hides are used for that treatment. Plonge leather has very soft and pure skin, this make plonge leather the most beautiful and the most expensive. Kani Leather Tannery has producing different variants and colors of plonge leather according to it's customer demands. According to that sorting Kani Leather Tannery offers wide range of selection and types of leather options which is; size of leather, grain of the leather, quality of the leather, shape of the leather and more. Kani Leather Tannery always keeps in stock 8 trend colors for plonge leather. As Kani Leather Tannery and with it's over 50 years experience and reputation we are giving guarantee all of our products to our customers.

Article: Plonge Leather

Raw: Sheepskin Hide / Lambskin Hide

Raw Material: Lambskin 

Raw of Origin: Turkey / Spain / North Africa / Greece

Thickness Adjustable Between: 0.4 to 0.8 mm

Average Size:  4 - 7 Sqft

Color Availability: All Pantone Colors

Tanning Method: Chrome Tanned Leather / Chrome Free Tanned Leather

Finishing: Aniline Leather / Semi-Aniline Leather

Tolerance of the Measurement: 4  %

Best Use: Suitable for leather garments and leather gloves

Guarentee: UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, certifying Kani Leather Tannery eco-compatibility based on the European “environmental management system” requirements.

Min. Order Quantity: Out of stock colors 3.000 Sqft | in stock colors 500 Sqft 

Lead Time: In stock colors 1-2 days | Out of stock colors 10-15 days

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Plonge Leather
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Plonge Leather
Plonge Leather
Plonge Leather