Chrome Free Leather | Wet White Leather


As Kani Leather Tannery our wet white tanning refers to organic leather tanning methods which is chrome free leather. The biosynthetics used to tan the leather, which result in a semi-finished leather that looks white-tinted. This fairly new method of leather tanning has been gaining popularity in Kani Leather's production, partially due to increased concern for water treatment systems and the environment.

Advantages of wet white tanning in Kani Leather Tannery;

  • Wet-white leather is lighter in colour and can be converted into pastel shade leathers
  • Shrinking temperatures of at least 70°C
  • High softness
  • Good lightness
  • Natural sensation
  • Pleasant touch
  • Beauty over the time
  • High performance leather can be obtained, often better than chrome tanning
  • Leather can be burnt without the hazard of chromium (VI) formation

Article: Wet White Leather

Raw: Sheepskin  / Lambskin Hides

Raw Material: Rams / Lambskin Leather / Sheepskin Leather

Raw of Origin: Turkey / North Africa / Spain / Greece / Balkans

Thickness Adjustable Between: 0.4 - 1.1 mm 

Size Average: 5 - 9 Sqft

Color Availability: White, Black and Pastel Colors

Tanning Method: Chrome Free Tanned Leather

Finishing: Drum Dyed / Aniline Dye /  N/A 

Tolerance of the Measurement: 4 %

Best Use: Suitable for all leather manufacturing

Guarentee: UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, certifying Kani Leather Tannery eco-compatibility based on the European “environmental management system” requirement

Min. Order Quantity: 2.000 Sqft 

Lead Time: 10 - 15 days

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Chrome Free Leather | Wet White Leather
Chrome Free Leather | Wet White Leather
Chrome Free Leather | Wet White Leather