Aniline Leather

What Does "Aniline Leather" Mean?

The skin's surface is exposed and apparent to the unaided eye when aniline leather is finished (also called full grain or top grain). The process involves submerging the skin in transparent tanks that tint the material while preserving the animal's normal visible pores and skin. We shall see an outline of this style of finishing, its history, and all the necessary recommendations in this book, both before and after purchasing the products. The best type of leather available is aniline, which has long been associated with elegance in the leather business. Both advantages and disadvantages are present in this manufacturing technique.

The Benefits of Aniline Leather

  • The appearance and touch are incredibly real; • Luxurious influence
  • Preserves the characteristics and signals that set each skin distinct and distinguish it from others.
  • You ought to only use the best hides.
  • More mellow than alternative types

Specifications of Aniline Leather

As was already said, aniline leather is one of the best and most attractive leathers and is largely utilized to create expensive leather goods. For instance, this type of leather makes it easy to spot belts, purses, wallets, and other modest, premium accessories. This kind of tanning gives the skin a very natural appearance, and it is simple to see the skin's natural grain in all of its beauty via the eyes.

Why is Aniline Leather So Popular?

Evidently, the term is more precise than it appears. With little finishing touches, skin appears as it is, as "Nature has done," without any layers to hide possible defects like bruises, wear, or blemishes. The grain is revealed and must be sufficiently free from flaws in order to proceed with a rare and expensive finish like aniline. This finishing procedure can be used on skins that have been vegetable or chrome tanned. To further clarify aniline treatment, we may draw a connection to wood. On its surface, wood may have veins, cuts, or other flaws; wood of low quality, especially wood full of flaws, must be handled with numerous layers of materials that are great for hiding such flaws. The innate elegance and uniqueness of a wood with fine grain patterns may be appreciated rather than having to be ground down to hide flaws. This definition emphasizes the need of using high-quality leather when applying the aniline finish to the area of aniline leather. You would have a unique leather with individuality that proudly displayed its history and lacked any gimmick.

In a Nutshell, Aniline is:

  • An organic substance;
  • It gives the skin a characteristic, natural appearance.
  • Excellent leather quality is required for this type of finish.
  • The thorough conclusion

There are Three Main Categories of Aniline-Finished Leather:

  • Pure aniline
  • Aniline 
  • Semi-Aniline

Pure aniline, aniline, and semi-aniline leather have different properties.

  • Pure aniline leather: In this instance, we're referring to a skin that is completely "uncovered," not tinted, and existing on its own without any application or transparent film layers. The grain seems completely naked since it has no surface layer. This kind of skin finish is created by polishing with a velvet wheel. The impact is very organic.
  • Aniline leather: this is the traditional aniline leather that we've already discussed. To treat it, a thin, transparent layer is applied without the use of polymers or colors.
  • Semi-Aniline Leather: the process of finishing results in a surface that is more "covered." In this instance, layers with certain  colours are put over the transparent layer. Although the outcome is less natural-looking than the other two treatments, the skin's grain is still fairly obvious. The cost would likewise be lower, but the quality would still be at a suitable level.

Kani Leather Tannery provides a vast variety of leather alternatives, including sizes, shapes, and other characteristics like as grain, quality, and form. At least four popular trend colors for aniline leather are constantly kept in stock by Kani Leather Tannery. With over 50 years of expertise and a solid reputation, Kani Leather Tannery offers its clients a warranty on all of its goods.

Article: Aniline Leather

Raw: Sheepskin Hide / Lambskin Hide / Cowhide Leather

Raw Material: Sheepskin Leather / Rams / Lambskin Leather / Bovine Leather

Raw of Origin: Turkey / Spain / North Africa / Arabia / Balkans

Thickness Adjustable Between: 0.4 - 1.0 mm

Average Size: 5 - 7 Sqft

Color Availability: All Pantone Colors

Tanning Method: Chrome Tanned LeatherChrome Free Tanned Leather / Veg Tan Leather

Finishing: Aniline Leather ; Matte / Glossy / Waxy / Oily / Dull

Tolerance of the Measurement: 4  %

Best Use: Suitable for leather garments, gloves, handbags, shoes

Guarentee: UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, certifying Kani Leather Tannery eco-compatibility based on the European “environmental management system” requirement

Min. Order Quantity: Out of  stock colors 3.000 Sqft |In stock colors 500 Sqft 

Lead Time: In stock colors 1-2 days |  Out of stock colors 15-20 days

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